Veteran Personal Support Program

A full suite of personal support services will be in place throughout the program of study to help ensure that the Veteran is successful. A full-time Veteran personal support coordinator will be on location to provide ongoing peer support, as required, and to connect Veterans to personal support services that they might need. The program has established partnerships with local, provincial, and federal service organization to help Veterans as issues might arise.  

Veterans in the program are encouraged to observe key dates by allowing them the time in the curriculum to commemorate. A Veterans’ Student Council is in place to provide a voice to the Veteran and to raise concerns with faculty. The classroom areas are designed and organized with the Veteran’s learning needs in mind, and for Veterans with physical disabilities. Finally, there are Veteran members on the faculty.

Services include:

  • Full time Veteran Support Coordinator (a Veteran) on staff to support Veterans as they ease into College life and to assist, if issues arise throughout the program, and to provide peer support.
  • A Veterans’ council is in place to bring forward issues from the Veteran student body to the faculty.
  • Veteran Alumni work with students to assist and to mentor them. 
  • Time is provided for Veteran students to observe and to commemorate the days of Remembrance throughout the year.
  • Veterans maintain a link with deployed serving military personnel through the Veteran Outreach initiative.