Bridging the great divide: Canada Company & Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) partner to reduce tough transitions for Vets.

April 7, 2017, Ottawa, Ontario

Every year, the Canadian Armed Forces releases about 5000 men and women from service. Although a number choose retirement, many more want to transition to a civilian career, putting their skills and talents to work in a different way. That transition, however, is not always easy for Canada's Veterans as they face varying social, academic, and financial challenges in finding employment and establishing a new career.

Today, Canada Company - Military Employment Transition (MET) Program and the Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) announced a national partnership. The partnership aims to support Veterans during and following their educational and training programs to find meaningful and gainful employment.

met logo"Canada Company - MET program is pleased to partner with VFTP and Willis College, offering a direct connection to employment services and job opportunities for Veterans studying at Willis College.  "Reducing time-to-employment and speeding up access to viable second careers is one of our missions," says Angela Mondou, President of Canada Company. "This unique partnership where Willis College provides sought-after educational programs in sectors like Cyber Security and MET connects our Veterans to best-in-class employers which will definitely create a clear path for our Vets.  This is a program we will want to replicate with all of our partners!"

"Finding employment is difficult for our Veterans and we are proud to do whatever we can to help them as they transition from service. Combining peer support, a state of the art learning facility, and then access to the robust tools, videos, our Military Friendly Certified Employers, and additional resources on the MET site will reduce the difficulty substantially." said Dwayne Cormier, Director of Transition Services Canada Company.

"Leaving the military and finding employment in the public and private sectors can be very overwhelming at times," explained Master Corporal (ret'd) Michael McBride, National VFTP Ambassador, who was released after 13 years with the military and three tours in Afghanistan. "There are so many complicated things that you have to learn to do as you go through the stages of transition, when all you really want is to find a job and provide for your family. Having an organization like the MET Program ready to support Veterans in a time of need to find employment will go far to assist our Veterans with a more seamless transition."

The new VFTP combines career counselling, personal and professional support, and transition training, all under one roof, simplifying the transition process for Veteran students. Willis College, Canada's oldest college, is proud to join the band of educational institutions partnering with Canada Company - MET.
"Willis College is pleased to be the first postsecondary Veteran Friendly institution in Canada to focus on a sector specific program such as Cyber Security with the MET Program," stated Rima Aristocrat, VFTP Founder and President & CEO of Willis College, Canada. "Willis College has a long and proud tradition of supporting Canada's Veterans and is pleased that MET will help to support our Veterans in finding employment."

cc logo newAs part of a national sectoral initiative, Canada Company recently received a $1 milllion dollar contribution from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to enable the connection of remarkable military talent to industry sectors seeking strong employees. Many industry leaders are supporters of the initiative, as they already know the benefit of hiring Veterans who have trained for a new career.

The program was announced on Parliament Hill on 23 March, 2017 and registrations will begin in late April. Veterans released from the regular or reserve Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Provincial Police Forces are eligible to apply and register.

About Veteran Friendly Transition Program

The Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) is a transition program for Veterans that provides a flexible and supportive Veteran-friendly career and learning environment that will help enable Veterans to find gainful and meaningful employment following their service to Canada. Developed by and for Veterans, the program includes three components: a career and employment support program; a personal support program; and a training support program. The VFTP helps to ensure that Veterans have the skills and abilities to effectively transition from military to civilian life.

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About Canada Company - the MET Program

Canada Company is a federally registered charity created in 2006 by Canadian businessman and Honorary Colonel, Blake Goldring M.S.M., LL.D., CFA. Canada Company takes pride in serving our country in many ways, celebrating our Military heroes, and their families, and fostering a mutually beneficial exchange between Canada's remarkable military tested resources and our innovative Canadian business community - helping create a Better Canada. A trusted Program Builder, Canada Company offers the Military Employment Transition - MET Program; hosts the National Transition Symposium and Strategic Knowledge Exchange; and funds Scholarships for children of military members killed while serving on an active mission with the Canadian Armed Forces.

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