The Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) was the result of a number of years of work and study with Veterans, by Veterans and experts in the field of education and training to determine the career, education, and training approach best suited to help Veterans effectively transition to civilian life. From this work, it was learned that Veterans have unique career, education, and training needs grouped into three areas: social; environmental; and, support.

To address these needs, the Veteran Friendly Transition Program was born.


The mission of the Veteran Friendly Transition Program is to create a Veteran friendly career and learning environment that provides the flexibility and support that Veteran students look for and need in order for them to succeed following their service to Canada. 


To create a flexible and supportive Veteran friendly career and learning environment that will enable Veterans to find meaningful and gainful employment following their service to Canada.


The principles that guided the establishment and guide the conduct of the VFTP are:

  • Veteran Centric - the Veteran is at the centre of all decisions.

  • Compassionate - the Veteran is treated with compassion and respect.

  • Support - the Veteran is provided with the necessary support services to succeed while at the College and in the program.

  • Partnerships - the College works with all partners to help the Veteran succeed.


VFP logos9Veteran Friendly Program Logo™

The V in the center of the logo represents our Veterans who are the heart of the Veteran Friendly Program.

It also portrays the Valor that our Veterans display by continuing to serve Canada following their service in a new career.

The V sits on top of a shield. The shield shows that our Veterans continue to defend the country even after their service in uniform.

The banner embracing the shield and the V highlight the cornerstones of the Veteran Friendly Program - to lead, train and support. The Maple Leafs on either side of the shield reminds us that Canada continues to stand with our Veterans as they continue to serve Canada.

The Veteran Friendly Program logo was created in January 2017

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