What is VFTP?

The Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) is a Veteran service that supports you while you are completing your vocational rehabilitation and post service, education and training at a college, or university. Currently, if you are a Veteran student attending Willis College Canada in Ottawa and Arnprior you will be supported by the VFTP. The VFTP includes career coaching, employment counselling, Veteran peer support, education and training classes on all aspects of transition. The aim of the program is simple - provide you with a flexible and supportive Veteran-friendly learning environment that will help enable you to find gainful and meaningful employment following your service to Canada. 

Willis College, Est. 1866 was chosen as the location for the pilot because it has worked with Veterans throughout its history, providing job-ready education and training programs in shortest period of time to allow Veterans to find work following their retirement from service.

What services does VFTP offer ?

Veteran Career Support Program

The Veteran will first work with a career and employment coach to determine a potential area of study and employment. This is based on an analysis of the Veteran’s education and training background, a determination of the Veteran’s marketable skills, an analysis of the labour market, and discussions with potential employers. This collaborative work will lead to a determination of possible areas of study for the Veteran. From there, it will be determined if this is best achieved through full-time, or part-time study in a diploma, certificate program, or on-line self-paced learning, based on the Veteran’s situation and needs.  Supporting this work will be a determination of the Veteran’s financial options and the personal support services that will be required to be in place to assist the Veteran during the program of study.

Services include:

  • Veteran Career Support Services
  • Career Planning Consultation
  • Career Plan Development 
  • Inventory of Transferable Skills
  • Career Planning Labour Market Information Workshop
  • Identification of Education and Training Needs
  • Professional Resume Development 
  • Individual Coaching and Management

Veteran Personal Support Program

A full suite of personal support services will be in place throughout the program of study to help ensure that the Veteran is successful. A full-time Veteran personal support coordinator will be on location to provide ongoing peer support, as required, and to connect Veterans to personal support services that they might need. The program has established partnerships with local, provincial, and federal service organization to help Veterans as issues might arise.  

Veterans in the program are encouraged to observe key dates by allowing them the time in the curriculum to commemorate. A Veterans’ Student Council is in place to provide a voice to the Veteran and to raise concerns with faculty. The classroom areas are designed and organized with the Veteran’s learning needs in mind, and for Veterans with physical disabilities. Finally, there are Veteran members on the faculty.

Services include:

  • Full time Veteran Support Coordinator (a Veteran) on staff to support Veterans as they ease into College life and to assist, if issues arise throughout the program, and to provide peer support.
  • A Veterans’ council is in place to bring forward issues from the Veteran student body to the faculty.
  • Veteran Alumni work with students to assist and to mentor them. 
  • Time is provided for Veteran students to observe and to commemorate the days of Remembrance throughout the year.
  • Veterans maintain a link with deployed serving military personnel through the Veteran Outreach initiative.

Veteran Training Support Program

Campus scheduling is flexible, allowing students to meet the changes inherent in a transition from military to civilian life. The curriculum is modularized, allowing Veteran students to take only the training needed, thereby acknowledging training that may have been completed during service. The curriculum is supported by additional training throughout the area of study that includes: awareness training on Government of Canada benefits and services available to Veterans; and, presentations by sector employers. Nearer to the end of the curriculum, the program prepares the Veteran for the job enrolment process and the civilian workforce.

Services include:

  • Veteran, VAC, SISIP and Governmanet of Canada Entitlement and Support Benefits Information Session
  • Veteran Financial Planning Strategies Workshop
  • Veteran Tax Preparation Clinic
  • Financial Investment Planning Workshop
  • Understanding My Pension Entitlements
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
  • Bad Manager / Bad Co Worker / Bad Day
  • Effective Workplace Communication
  • Time Management and Workplace Efficiency
  • Customer Services Skills and Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • Leading Workplace Teams (Post Service)
  • Workplace Diversity Training
  • Workplace Crisis Intervention Training
  • Health and Nutrition Clinic
  • VAC Services Information Session
  • SISIP Services Information Session
  • Education and Learning Strategies for Injured Veterans
  • Veteran Professional Assosiation Information Session

Veteran Employment Support Program

The Veteran will work with an employment counsellor with the goal of achieving gainful employment and a successful career transition upon program completion. Veterans enrolled in education and training will access the Veteran Employment Support Program 3 months prior to graduation and will begin engaging industry employers in order learn to be competitive within the civilian labour market. The focus of the Veteran Employment Support Program is to build upon the suit of VFTP services in order develop the critical job search and retention skills needed for a stable transition within public and private industry.

Supporting this work will be a determination of the Veteran’s financial options and the personal support services that will be required to be in place to assist the Veteran during the program of study.

Services include:

  • Behavioural Interview Preparation
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Developing a Professional Portfolio Highlighting Military Service Achievement
  • Preparing Online Job Application
  • Understanding the Government of Canada Priority Hiring Process
  • Professional Networking and Business Etiquette
  • Developing Professional Relationships with Executives and Leaders
  • Creating an Effective Social Network Profile
  • Exclusive Sector Specific Career Fairs at VFTP sites

Who can access VFTP ?

Veterans released from the regular or reserve Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Provincial Police Forces are eligible to apply and register for VFTP programs and services. Our programs and services can also assist you if you are currently recieving VAC or SISIP vocational rehabilitation services and are planning to go back to school and transition into the civilan workforce.

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