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The Veterans Emergency Transition Service Canada (VETS) and the Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) announced a national partnership. The partnership aims to support Veterans who might need personal support during their program of studies and their transition from service. "VETS Canada is pleased to partner with VFTP and Willis College where it will provide emergency support to Veterans at Willis College. Transition is difficult for our Veterans and we are proud to do whatever we can to help our Veterans as they transition from service, said Jim Lowther, Founder of VETS Canada”.

Canada Company

"Canada Company - MET program is pleased to partner with VFTP and Willis College, offering a direct connection to employment services and job opportunities for Veterans studying at Willis College.  "Reducing time-to-employment and speeding up access to viable second careers is one of our missions," says Angela Mondou, President of Canada Company. "This unique partnership where Willis College provides sought-after educational programs in sectors like Cyber Security and MET connects our Veterans to best-in-class employers which will definitely create a clear path for our Vets.  This is a program we will want to replicate with all of our partners!"

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"Finding employment is difficult for our Veterans and we are proud to do whatever we can to help them as they transition from service. Combining peer support, a state of the art learning facility, and then access to therobust tools, videos, our Military Friendly Certified Employers, and additional resources on the MET site will reduce the difficulty substantially." said Dwayne Cormier, Director of Transition Services Canada Company.

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To honour and support Canada’s ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families. Whether it is through our mental health challenges, the pioneering initiatives we fund through third party partnerships, or our individual support management Hand Up program, we are committed to ensuring we provide a diverse set of programs and services for our wounded soldiers and their families.

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The Veterans Benevolent Fund (VBF) Canada announced that it is pleased to offer support to students in the Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP). The VBF offers scholarships to children of disabled Canadian Armed Forces Veterans. "There are so many complicated things that you have to learn to do as you go through the stages of transition, when all you really want is to provide for your family. Having an organization like VBF to turn to in a time of need during academic studies will go far to assist our Veterans."


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The Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada work in partnership to deliver Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS). Our services complement other mental health and family support services available from both departments. At OSISS, we provide a national peer support network for Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and their families experiencing an operational stress injury (OSI).  The OSISS network is coordinated by screened, trained peers who bring firsthand experience and practical knowledge of what it is like to struggle with an OSI or to live with someone with an OSI.