Veteran Career Support Program

The Veteran will first work with a career and employment coach to determine a potential area of study and employment. This is based on an analysis of the Veteran’s education and training background, a determination of the Veteran’s marketable skills, an analysis of the labour market, and discussions with potential employers. This collaborative work will lead to a determination of possible areas of study for the Veteran. From there, it will be determined if this is best achieved through full-time, or part-time study in a diploma, certificate program, or on-line self-paced learning, based on the Veteran’s situation and needs.     

Supporting this work will be a determination of the Veteran’s financial options and the personal support services that will be required to be in place to assist the Veteran during the program of study.

Services include:

  • Veteran Career Support Services
  • Career Planning Consultation
  • Career Plan Development 
  • Inventory of Transferable Skills
  • Career Planning Labour Market Information Workshop
  • Identification of Education and Training Needs
  • Professional Resume Development 
  • Individual Coaching and Management

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