Veteran Employment Support Program

The Veteran will work with an employment counsellor with the goal of achieving gainful employment and a successful career transition upon program completion. Veterans enrolled in education and training will access the Veteran Employment Support Program 3 months prior to graduation and will begin engaging industry employers in order learn to be competitive within the civilian labour market. The focus of the Veteran Employment Support Program is to build upon the suite of VFTP services in order develop the critical job search and retention skills needed for a stable transition within public and private industry.

Supporting this work will be a determination of the Veteran’s financial options and the personal support services that will be required to be in place to assist the Veteran during the program of study.

Services Include:

  • Behavioural Interview Preparation
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Developing a Professional Portfolio Highlighting Military Service Achievement
  • Preparing Online Job Application
  • Understanding the Government of Canada Priority Hiring Process
  • Professional Networking and Business Etiquette
  • Developing Professional Relationships with Executives and Leaders
  • Creating an Effective Social Network Profile
  • Exclusive Sector Specific Career Fairs at VFTP sites

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