Our Veterans are innovative, highly skilled, well trained and ready to lead your organisation

Veterans and Services Members are viewed as a new, well trained, educated and professional national talent pool that is now available to public and private sector employers.

Service Members and Veterans transitioning from deployment to the civilian workforce bring with them a degree of maturity, experience, leadership and familiarity with diversity. While in the military, service men and women are constantly trained within an environment that is knowledge based, team oriented and hands on.  Veterans are innovative, collaborative and are able to adapt quickly to organisational goals and objective.

Veterans within the workforce also possess outstanding soft skills and are leaders, team players, innovators, goal oriented, self -motivated, strong communicators, efficient and trustworthy employees. In addition, Veteran candidates bring a wealth of business skills in transformation, planning, management, process design, logistics, procurement, human resource,  IT, cyber security and customer service. Many Veterans are also certified in First Aid, WHMIS, Workplace Diversity, Conflict Resolution as well as possessing a Top Secret security clearance.

Our Team will work with your organisation and help you find the right fit and  provide you with a full suite of Veteran recruitment and staffing services that will help to grow your business.

Our services include:

  • Candidate Screening
  • On-site Career Fairs and Recruiting
  • Access to the VFTP Mentorship Program
  • Organisational Training on Veteran Recruitment and Veteran Employee Satisfaction

Our team is ready to work with you:

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